Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rehabilitating Damaged Hair Naturally Giveaway!

Super-easy!  Just three simple steps

1: Get Rehabilitating Damaged Hair Naturally

You can pick it up from Etsy (.mobi, PDF, .epub) or Amazon (.mobi). Already have the first editon launched on Etsy on 2013? You can enter using that, but you can get a free update! Just shoot me an email with your desired format and I'll send it right along as a thank-you for your early support.

2: Read the Book

Brew up your favorite cuppa, relax, and enjoy!

3: Leave a comment on this blog post using the Rafflecoptor to answer any of the following questions

Remember you have to enter between August 31st and September 5th!
  • What is your favorite quote from the book?
  • What did you learn in the book that surprised you the most?
  • What piece of advice, recipe, or technique in the book do you think will help you the most?
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4: Not essential for entering, but leave feedback!

Leaving positive feedback on Etsy (only if you purchased there), Amazon, and GoodReads (link coming soon) would mean so much to me!

Hey what were those prizes again?

Glad you asked, they're pretty amazing! We'll be drawing the winners on September 6th and reaching out to them immediately, so make sure your contact information is up to snuff.

A Grah-Toe Studio pear wood, gold accent, and curly maple heirloom detangling comb valued at $220. Full details here.
A NightBlooming Damaged Hair Healer's Kit. Full details here.
A Grah-Toe Studio Dainty Detangler made from tulipwood valued at $80. Full details here

A NightBlooming Hair Growth Support Kit. Full details here
A Grah-Toe Studio Dainty Detaingler in holly valued at $70. Full details here

A NightBlooming Scalp Soother Kit. Full details here

Good luck! And thank you for all your support!

**** IMPORTANT*** I do moderate comments, so don't fret if it doesn't show up right away! Otherwise there's tons of spam for people to wade through. 


  1. I love the original book and can't wait to read the new version! My favorite section is the chapter with all of your treatment suggestions! What really makes this valuable is that you break down ingredients by type so it's easy to understand the role of each in a mixture.

    But if you want "biggest surprise," it was that different hair types have a different cross-section shape! I had no idea. I'm pretty sure I know where I fall on the chart, but now I want to pull out a microscope... ;)

    Congrats on the release!

    Sara (gumdropmountain on Etsy)

  2. I just bought the book on Amazon, and am devouring it! My favorite analogy so far is comparing hair to a t-shirt you wear constantly and never take off... that made a lot of sense to me!

    Thanks so much for the information, and this giveaway!

  3. I've had the book for a couple of years now and I'm so glad that you had the opportunity to get is published. My favorite section of the book is definitely the part about combating and preventing damage. Although I still dye and use what on my hair, it is much healthier and thicker thanks to you!

    I think the most surprising part was the section about hair types. Being black I assumed that my hair texture must fall in with the 4s, but your book let me know that this was not the case.

    The whole book honestly helped me rehabilitate my hair. I'm not completely natural (I still dye and heat style my hair), but your tips about hair care and the health needs of hair helped me take much better care of it. Even though j have bleached my naturally dark, dark brown hair to a light platinum I still have thick, healthy hair.

  4. The technique/advice that I think will help me the most is the porosity test. I haven't quite worked out what my hair needs yet, so I look forward to testing. Knowing my porosity will be very useful for deciding whether or not I need to start by focusing on moisture.

    I also look forward to trying some of the recipes provided, especially the Chamomille Honey Moisture Treatment.

    Thank you for this giveaway!

    (Hailwidis on Rafflecopter, Etsy and LHC)

  5. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    As for the recipe/technique that is going to help me the most: it seems so simple, but I had never thought about using an aloe mask on my hair. I'm definitely going to try that out! Thanks!

  6. I loved the acupressure points to stimulate hair growth. I already used the technique tonight, and I can't wait to see the results. As an added bonus, the technique helped with some neck tension too!

    Kate (isk8r813)

  7. I loved the section on acupressure points to stimulate hair growth. I already tried the technique tonight, and I'm looking forward to seeing increased growth.

    As an added benefit, the technique also helped with some neck tension I had been having.

  8. So I was thrilled to receive an email about the update to this book today. I absolutely love when people do epic research on something they are passionate about and then turn that into a concise morsel for me to enjoy, and (re)reading this was definitely enjoyable. I achieved great results with the information in the original version, but my desire to realize even more awesome hair has been rekindled! :D (Think I will be integrating the micro-trim into my routine soon.)

    I especially love the section on hair growth, both my husband and brother in law suffer from stress related hair loss. Naturally they look to me and my interest in natural remedies to help find a solution. Now I feel like I have a solid platform to help them from. Quite a serendipitous thing for the new version to come out now that the stress levels are down!

    Thank you for sending me the updated version and for the chance to win some groovy stuff! And of course for making the best hair oil ever.

    ~Be Excellent

  9. I actually fell asleep because I wasn't feeling well and when I woke up in the middle of the night what did I do? Order my copy and start! Loving it! Will definitely be reading on breaks and lunch today. :)

  10. Posted for Lucie:

    What is your favorite quote from the book?
    " A lined shirt, either purchased or handmade, is an excellent way to track your progress"

    Well, i've never taught so far! :) I never measured my hair before because it is so frustrating for me to do it right but with this t-shirt, there is no problem anymore! :)

    What piece of advice, recipe, or technique in the book do you think will help you the most?

    To do microtrimming instead of just regular chops. I did not think so far that you've get damage every month with colored hair and that in the end you will loose a lot more hair of cutting a lot of and that the ends will be still damaged after a short period. So microtrimming doesn't chop a lot off and you can redo it every month so you will have fresh ends for the whole year instead of after a few months.

  11. Congratulations and thank you for making the giveaway! ♥

  12. Seriously loving the book. My fave quote: "It's important to remember that, so far as your body is concerned, your hair is about dead last as far as priorities go. It's only after it has taken care of the parts of your body more crucial to keeping you alive that the leftover blood and nutrients go to nonessential parts."

    I spend so much time thinking about and taking care of my hair, I forget that biologically and physiologically my body doesn't so much care about it! It's good to keep things in perspective and this quote reminds me to be patient with my hair and my body. Thanks for the great read and the great etsy shop!


  13. Ok I seem to be a HUGE idiot this week and when I do the Rafglecoptwr not sure if I'm doing this right but OMG my absolute favorite quote I think says it all about healthy hair care in general...

    "The most important thing with healthy hair is not what you do to it; it's what you don't do to it".

    And since lots of people are talking about all three topics I want to join in because in regards to what I've learned from the book that surprised me most was the warming oil up in your hands for a but before you apply. Makes ALL the sense in the world and I seriously had no clue. You can better believe that will be a immediate thing I out into practice!

    And finally, the bit of advice that I think will help me the most would be switching to a seemless wooden comb. I'll admit I had turned to a brush again because my plastic comb broke and I never replaced it but yeah, a wooden comb will definitely be a birthday gift I'm getting myself!

    What an amazing book! So happy to have bought it. If you can figure out if I'm doing something g wrong with the Rafglecoptwr give me a heads up. It's been that kind if a week.

  14. Thank you so much for creating this lovely giveaway and for writing an incredible book. I loved the book and all the fantastic info and tips and tricks that you shared with us. I think my favourite piece of advice was doing a porosity test. I've been able to better assess what my hair actually needs. Thank you so much again!!!

  15. The original book was a god-send for me; I bought it last year when my hair was BSL but bleached, heat-treated daily, and shredding, and the more I trimmed it, the higher up the shaft the split would go. I did end up cutting all my hair off, and using the e-book as a how-to guide for how to grow my hair properly this time! I decided to ask my friends to buy me gifts from your etsy store for my birthday :) Now I have completely natural shoulder-length hair and everyone compliments me all the time on how naturally shiny and healthy it is. I can't wait to keep growing it!

    "What did you learn in the book that surprised you the most?"

    I was extremely surprised to learn how much damage hair spray can do. As someone who used to use AquaNet every day, the photographs that showed the effect that this had on the hair was a big wake-up call. The photographs in general were surprising and illuminating. For example, I had always "known" that straightening my hair was "bad" for it, but I had never realized that it actually boiled the hair.

    "What is your favorite quote from the book?"

    From the same section: "keep in mind that your hair
    currently at shoulder will be at your waist,
    at tailbone, at classic or longer, three, five,
    seven or ten years from now."

    When I read that quote I finally understood that I had to make a choice between styled platinum-blonde shoulder-length hair, or natural ash-brown classic-length hair. Either choice was completely fine - but there was probably no way to put my hair through the bleaching and styling I was doing and expect to end up with classic-length shining healthy hair. So now when I look at my hair, I look at it from the perspective of this IS my hair - the hair I work with today is probably going to be with me for the next decade, so the relationship I have with it today really matters. That is also why I love your book - I love the philosophy that good hair care starts within. Just remembering to drink a cup of Miruvor every day reminds me that I want to look after my hair, and makes me feel like I'm doing my best to give it a healthy growing environment :)

    Thank you so much for your etsy shop and the time you put into helping us figure out our hair!

  16. I was surprised to read the bit about the elasticity boost from rice water--I soak rice a couple times a week anyhow (thai sticky rice is a staple for me), and I've just been dumping off the soaking water, so I'm kind of excited to use it on my hair instead!

    I'm so glad to see an updated/extended version of the ebook, it was a huge help a couple years ago when I was struggling to get away from damaged hair! I'll definitely be reading the new version in depth to see what I'm missing!

  17. My favourite qoute of this book is simple, but beautiful: "This guide is not full of quick fixes."
    Nightblooming keeps it real. No fake promises or advertising of any kind, just proper, based on years of experience, advice!
    It also says a lot about her book and writing. Clear, concise, to the point, but still written so fluently with a crisp and fresh lay out.
    Or in shorter wording: just plain pleasant to read :)


  18. I am grateful for the information about which herbs do what for hair! So many articles focus on health, but Nightbloomimg's book (original edition) is all about caring for hair. I can't wait to see what is in the new book!
    Janine (dancingfrog)

  19. The original book gave us information about which herb does what for your hair. So many articles and website focus on benefits to your body, it is refreshing to find a source of well-researched information that is specific to having healthy hair. The other reviews mention entirely new topics, I can't wait!

  20. I loved the part about coconut oil the most. It surprised me how beneficial it was!

  21. Still reading but so far my favorite quote is, "Rather than trying to force your hair to be something it isn't, find styles that accentuate your hair to it's fullest potential." I struggle with this because I do not have shampoo commercial hair! Ha ha! What I learned so far that has surprised me the most is the logic behind micro trimming. I never understood the reason why this was better than a bigger chop less frequently. Ding, ding, ding! It makes so much sense now. The piece of advice that will help the most is the list of different oils and their properties. This will be a great reference to go back to. Also the proper way to oil. All this time and I realize now that I have been using way too much!
    Ok, thanks for doing this amazing giveaway and good luck with your book sales, back to reading!

  22. I bought the first book when it became available, The part about different kind of damage enlightened me why i couldn't grow my hair long. Especially about mechanical damage, i'm treating my hair much better now, and it's at hip finally :)

  23. What surprised and pleased me the most was the section about microtrimming. It helped me understand why after a substantial trim (like 3 inches or so) I start seeing splits again so soon.

  24. I've already read a lot about preventing damage from your hair online, so I was surprised that there were a lot of information I didn't already know about.
    What surprised me the most was that sulfur is helpful against hairloss. I was always told that oh you can't do anything against hairloss but there still seems to be a bit of hope.
    What I think will help me the most is the porosity test, the recipe with honey (I always wondered what else can be helpful except of oils) and that oils may be good for the scalp but bad for the ends and vice versa.
    Thank you very much for the informative book.

  25. My favourite quote was the part that the cuticle is like armor. I thought that was a really good way to put it-- if you didn't take care of a suit of armor, it probably wouldn't protect you very well. The book also convinced me to incorporate micro trimming into my routine. I've thought about it, but always get scared at the idea of cutting my own hair, but it really is better than just letting the ends split then having someone else cut off more than I'd like,

    I also really like having all the info on oils there for reference. I'm sure I will come back to those pages many times!

  26. I so did not know their was so many different shapes to the hair. I have not finished the book, but now i know I need to change my brush, my brush has the plastic prongs but has horse hair Brissels surrounding each prong. ---Mary

  27. I liked the section on growth-stimulating techniques. My hair is in pretty good shape, but I'd like to promote more growth, so I'll be trying out scalp massages. =)

  28. I was very happy to receive an updated version of your book. The old version has been very helpful to me. My favourite chapter is chapter 5. The quote from that chapter is my favorite: "The #1 cause of damage is trying to make your hair be something it isn’t".

    Thank you for putting so much time and energy into this book so we all can benefit from it!

    Jessica Hjelm

  29. Tried to use the Rafflecopter, I could log in but could not fill in anything... I am probably doing something wrong, but I will put my love for this ebook in here :)

    First off all I just absolutely loved the fact that I got an email that the new version would be send to me, because I bought the older version. It was a happy message to receive on my birthday, to get a present like this.

    I already loved the first, but in this edition, I just love all the extra information. I love the section about the oils. As a junkfood-addict I passed over the healthy food section, but should read that ;-) Very important for me.

    The eye-opener for me is the part with the Baking soda rinse and the explanation what your hair tells you about what it needs. Because I Always struggled with knowing if my hair needs moisture or protein or whatever. This explains it.

    Very curious about trying the rice-water rinse. And the onion-honey mask is something I am going to try out soon.
    Also very excited about the henna book, because I love henna.

    The most important message in the book for me is probably: stop smoking and eat healthier. But that ofcourse is a life lesson in general :P

    Thank you so much for you great book, for sharing you knowledge and making such wonderfull products!

    Femke Roelofsma

  30. I really really like how you go through all the oils, herbs, & ingredients! It's very helpful & informative! Some of these things I never knew or heard of! My favorite is the rice water for elasticity though! So cool, I never knew about that. I like the part where you talk about the reality & coming to terms with your hair type....My hair type isn't my ideal type but I am going to try a lot of the herbs & oils you listed, and tips to try to better it. I've been growing my hair for a while but I'm still a little confused about it. Sometimes I'm not sure what it needs or why it looks/feels certain ways. But your book is already so helpful!I'm so happy! Also, I love love love all the pretty pictures! Thank you so much for creating this ebook!!!

  31. I was surprised about the cross-sections of the hair shafts. I never realized just what is was that made the different types of hair. I love the information about minimizing mechanical damage. I made the switch from plastic bristles to wood and have seen a big change since then.
    I've also learned to embrace the silver hairs that have been appearing in force.

    I love your work and look forward to seeing your books on Henna.

    Holly Holt (hollythorns on Etsy)

  32. So, I did the best I could to narrow this down to one quote…with that being said, I successfully selected… four. : )

    “I have light brown hair naturally, but I had always, always wanted red hair.” – My mom is a natural red head and I am a natural blonde…that has gradually turned into that “mousy” color. When I was a kid, I was literally mad at my mom for not giving me her red hair. So I, too, have been dying my hair red for many, many years (with some other colors in between). This is the main reason for my desire to read this book.

    The next three quotes I chose because they captured my attention by connecting my love for reading fantasy to learning about my hair.

    “The cuticle of a hair is a series of overlapping, scale-like cells that run the length of the hair, like scales on the tail of a dragon.” – Just the thought that my hair is as awesome as a dragon made me want to learn how to take care of it better…you can call me Daenerys from now on. ; )

    “It’s like Cinderella’s stepsisters: their feet didn’t fit in the slipper, so to make their feet fit, one cut off her heel and the other her toe. Technically they got the desired foot size, but the results were ultimately not worth it.” – When I first read the original Cinderella as a kid, I thought how stupid they were for hurting themselves to change who they were…and now I know how stupid it is to damage my hair to change it when there is a better way.

    “Despite that infomercial you saw for the special wonder hair serum made from unicorn tears and crushed pearls for only $79.99 an ounce, it’s not happening.” – This really just made me laugh…I’m pretty sure I know some people that would buy a hair serum and actually believe it was made from unicorn tears…(side note: my ten year old nephew loves fantasy and sci-fi also and he told me recently that unicorns are real, but that they don’t really fart rainbows…)

    Reading this book was enjoyable and an eye-opener for me. I am excited to try some of what I learned!

  33. I just bought your book! Thus far, my favorite quote/analogy is that comparing hair to your favorite t-shirt.

    I'm loving it thus far!

  34. The thing that has helped me most is the porosity test as described in the book. Finding out what my hair needs has made haircare so much easier!

    Thanks for a great book!

  35. The information about trimming splits was really helpful. I also appreciated the huge list of oils that help hair growth. What surprised me the most was the amount of different vitamins and minerals our bodies need to maintain healthy hair.

  36. I got the book using kindle unlimited! I look forward to reading it. =) The honest truth is that my husband is away and he has our kindle so I won’t be able to read it until Saturday. So if my entry doesn’t count I understand since I have not read the book yet and am unable to answer the questions. Good luck with the book sales! =) I don’t have the right account to post with my name but my name is Ana H. The entry includes my full name.