Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rehabilitating Damaged Hair Naturally Giveaway Reveal: Day Three

Another page from the book! Among other things, Rehabilitating Damaged Hair Naturally: A Guide discusses 50 essential oils that can aid in hair growth in various ways. 

Four days to go until 
Rehabilitating Damaged Hair Naturally: A Guide launches! To celebrate and share the love with NightBlooming's amazing customers I'm running my biggest giveaway ever. You can read how it all works here

One of the news things in the upcoming edition of Rehabilitating Damaged Hair Naturally: A Guide is a massive section about healthy hair growth. The book expanded from 10,000+ words, to the newest version which is 22,500+ words. A lot of that growth (ha) comes from the expanded focus on how to provide your body with what it needs, and things you can do, to achieve hair growth naturally. Today's reveal takes several of the key concepts presented in that section and pairs them with supporting products.

Hair Growth Support Kit

Don't wait to wait? Hair Growth Support Kits are in the shop now
The Hair Growth Support Kit contains a sampling of NightBlooming products that are focused on supporting hair growth internally, topically, and mentally/emotionally. 

The Hair Growth Support Kit not only makes it easy to sample several products at once, it is also perfect for both travel and giving as a gift.

The willow-green satin bag contains:

And best of all?  After August 31st, you can buy the Hair Growth Support Kit and Rehabilitating Damaged Hair Naturally: A Guide together on Etsy. 

The Hair Growth Support kit also has a tag that details the contents and provides brief instructions. For complete ingredients and directions, please see the individual listing for each product. 

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