Monday, August 22, 2016

Selkie & Henna, a heavenly blend!

This past weekend I had kind of a crazy thought: what would happen if I mixed up my Fire Genasi Herbal Hair Color with Selkie Herbal Detangler rather than just water or chamomile tea? Would it make it easier to rinse? Make it a little less drying? I had roots that needed doing, so it was the perfect time to experiment.

Tsavo was kind enough to photobomb my carefully arrange product picture.

To start, I added 1/4c Selkie and then warm distilled water until I had the mud how I wanted it. The Selkie did seem to make the mud blend up a little easier, and gave it a silky consistency it hadn't had in the past. The aroma didn't change much, but the Selkie did give it more of a woodland herbal smell on top of the smell of chamomile, ginger, and the sweet-hay smell of henna.

 Then put it on the warming burner on the stove to keep it warm. Nearly instant dye release!

And after just a few hours? Wow! Selkie definitely didn't hurt dye release, and if anything, encouraged it! Keep in mind, that Fire Genasi is a more dilute henna blend, so this isn't even 100% henna and it produced dye release like this.

Beautiful custom hair fork by
Full disclaimer, this picture is old as it was cloudy, but the color turned out the exact same!

I LOVED the results! The Selkie made the mud easier to apply and easier to rinse out. My scalp and hair were less try than they normally were after I henna, and there was no impact to dye uptake. I still got my amazing copper-red color.

This experiment was definitely a success and I'll be continuing to add Selkie Herbal Detangler to my Fire Genasi herbal hair color from here on out. The great thing is that you could add this to any of our Herbal Hair Colors & Conditioners, or even your own henna blend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gloves with your Herbal Hair Color!

For as long as I've been hennaing, now more than a decade, I've had a box of gloves under the sink. It took a question from a customer to make me realize that most people, especially those transitioning from chemical dyes are used to a pair of gloves with their dye.

So now a pair of purple nitrile gloves is included with every 100g of hair color.

Just use the dropdown to select your size! Only Medium and Large are options for now, but if there are a lot of requests for different sizes I'll add them as options in the future. 

If you want extra pairs, or a pair to use with sample testing, you can pick them up using this listing

Here's to not having orange hands!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hinoki Hair Growth and Tenderhead Tranquility Signature Oils now Permanent Additions to the Store!

Exactly WHY this is happening will become evident in the near future, but I'm pleased to announce the first two oils from our Monthly Signature Oil Collection to be promoted to permanent listings in the store.

Hinoki Hair Growth Support Oil

1/2 Ounce Sample 

The only change to this oil from how it was launched is that the nettle-infused oil is now a base of fractionated coconut oil rather than EVOO. Some users felt the oil was too thick to reach the scalp well, and using a thinner oil helps reduce the overall thickness of the blend.

4 Ounce
Hinoki Hair Growth Support is blended specifically after the results of scientific studies that influence hair growth. Please note that this oil does not cause hair growth for everyone, but promotes a healthy and stimulating environment at the scalp.

Base Oil: Avocado
Secondary Oils: Nettle-infused Fractionated Coconut Oil, Castor 
Essential Oils: Hinoki, Petitgrain, Catnip, Red Thyme, Lavender, Birch

Aroma: Woodsy and herbal, hint of mint and citrus 

Application: Intended for the scalp only. Use the dropper to apply tiny drops or fine lines of oil to the scalp and gently massage in with your fingers. Leave on at least two hours prior to washing.

Tenderhead Tranquility Oil

1/2 Ounce Sample

A newer oil to NightBlooming, this one has become a fast favorite!

Tenderhead Tranquility is a blend made for scalps that need some extra love an attention. Circulation-stimulating, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, soothing, and tingling all at once, this oil is not only great for tight, sore scalps, but works wonders on headaches. 

4 Ounce

Base Oil: Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil
Secondary Oils: Shea nut oil
Essential Oils: Peppermint, Sweet Marjoram, Lavender, Myrrh, Eucalyptus 

Aroma: Tingling and soothing peppermint and eucalyptus with relaxing herbal undertones

Application: 1-2 drops of oil in the hands and massage into a tired scalp hair

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Last of the Eyes of Tamara Yemini Henna & New Filling Machine

Powder Filling Machine

The liquid filling machine made such a difference that I invested in a powder filling machine, too!  It weighs powder out of the hopper and then beeps. I hold the bag up to the chute and it dispenses the henna into the baggie.

There was a bit of a learning curve. I speak and read exactly 0 Chinese. But still, once everything was figured out it proved MUCH more efficient than the old "scoop, weigh, scoop, weigh, scoop, weigh" method I was doing with a spoon and a kitchen scale.

It enabled me to bag and label 5.5 kilos of our Eyes of Tamara Yemini henna in just over an hour and a half, which is twice as fast as the only way!

Eyes of Tamara- Not Much Left

This also lead to a realization that I'm running out of it. As of this post I have 55 100g bags and 43 10g sample packets.  That's it. I'm unable to import more because of the political situation in Yemen, so if you love this henna, you'll want to snap it up now.

Friday, August 12, 2016

C. Cassandra Avatar and Instagram

The very talented C. Cassandra made a commission for me!  She has a true talent for drawing long hair and many of her hair-based comics are a riot. Check her out!

I now have an Instagram account!  Lots of pictures of cats! Follow me!

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