Wednesday, September 27, 2017 launches Oct 31st!

So very excited to have a date to announce to all of you :)  The new will have so many things I've wanted for a long time and, most importantly, all these things will be in one place. Right now I have a storefront and a blog on two separate sites and nothing to unify them.

Some of the big benefits will include:

  • Site newsletter: You can have things pushed right to your inbox, like special offers, sales, and updates). If you want to sign up in advance, you can head over there and do so now!
  • Better Blog: Wordpress gives me much more flexibility and a more professional format. This also means that this blog will redirect there after Oct 31 in case you forget to update your bookmarks.
  • Ingredients Index: Each product will have a full ingredients list, and each ingredient will go to its specific entry in the Ingredients Index, where the full explanation of what that ingredient is and what it does resides. 
  • Articles, FAQs and experiments: In addition to the blog, I'll be posting some of the longer posts and experiments I've done in the past to serve as additional resources to customers. It will be an easy place to point people to for those looking for knowledge on everything from damaged hair to henna to honeybees.
  • Cleaner listings: Etsy, in an understandable effort to not want its listings to look like Ebay with 144pt purple Comic Sans text really locks down it's functionality. Because of this I have some very, VERY long listings. The new listings will have layered information, so the base listing is clean, but additional information like detailed ingredients, will only be a click away.
  • Checkout through Etsy: For the moment I don't have the time to manage two storefronts (although that's the eventual goal), so having checkout through etsy means that it supports credit cards, PayPal, Guest checkout, and automatic currency conversion are. This also lets me keep all my stats in one place.
  • Recommended / paired products: Etsy doesn't allow for targeted recommendations, but the new site will, making it easier to explore products you might like.
  • Press / About / Testimonials: These are all things that are either buried or non-existent on Etsy. If you feature NightBlooming on your blog, YouTube channel, or other platform, you'll see it appear in a special area of the site. When people say good things about NightBlooming, it'll be right in its own section, not buried in a morass of 8,000 specific product reviews. 

More information and site previews will come soon! We're still working on developing features like a permanent discount for those that register on the site, too, so stay tuned!


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