Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Selkie Campaign Orders Shipped and Refill Packs

First thing's first; all Etsy Fund Campaign orders have been shipped!  That was 86 packages going out in two weeks on top of our normal day to day orders.  I'll be getting my lovely postal worker a giftcard for Christmas!  If you haven't received a shipping notice, please let me know.  There were a handful of orders that weren't processed because between the time a pledge was made and the card was charged at the end of the campaign, something was not working (like the expiration date on the card had passed).  Etsy has reached out to these people, but please let me know if they haven't contacted you or if you'd like to arrange for your order yet. 

At the outset of the Selkie campaign one of the things I had promised was that if the campaign did well, we'd look past just Selkie in the 1 ounce and 8 ounce sizes to soft refill pouches.  We smashed past our goal, hitting 250% of what we hoped for, and so I set out to make Selkie refill pouches a reality.

The lovely and amazing HennaSooq helped me get the spout pouches and I had high hopes that the vacuum sealer I used for veggies would work on them.  Well, it did.  For exactly one pouch and then the ancient thing broke. 

I ordered this pronto because I'm starting to fear angry mobs if I don't get Selkie up in the shop in a hurry:

And it works like a dream!  I've made up and labeled several refill pouches.  The only thing left is to take product pictures, edit those, and get the listings up.  I'm hoping tomorrow or Thursday at dead latest.  

The best part is that the refill pouches (which hold 8 ounces of Selkie, and so will refill the big bottle once or the little bottle eight times) weigh HALF of what the glass 8 oz Selkie bottle does!  That makes shipping costs so much more reasonable, while also reducing waste and making that amber bottle go as far as possible. It also means that if you already have a favorite mister, or you're across the pond and don't want to pay to ship a big heavy glass bottle, you can get a refill pack and use a bottle of your choice.  If you'd like a Selkie label to go on your bottle, just let me know and I'll happily include one for free.

But my heat sealer came with an unexpected surprise: the packaging.  It's a thing of wonder and too good not to share.  The font seems to beg for an '80s synth track, the star bullets, the lens flare on the handle (which is not reflective in the least in person), the sentence structure.  Beholed my IMPULSE SEALER for when you NEED to seal something RIGHT NOW! (I'm sure some chastity belt company was very sad that this name was already taken.)

See the green tub behind the sealer?  That's my shipping tote with the orders going out first thing in the morning.  They're all packaged, labeled, have postage, and are all ready to go.

So, bear with me just a little longer.  I promise I'm working my tail off to get Selkie up as soon as I possibly can :)

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