Friday, October 13, 2017

New Categories, Improve Item Descriptions & Helpful Links in Etsy Listings

NightBlooming is has three new categories, improved item descriptions, and helpful links that make it easier for you to find what you want on Etsy.

NightBlooming on Etsy benefits from the work I'm doing on the new! I've been taking new images, methods of organization, and item descriptions and using it to enhance NightBlooming's Etsy store.

Three New Categories
When you visit NightBlooming on Etsy you'll find these additions:

Improved Item descriptions
After a decade on Etsy, my item descriptions were more what I thought they were vs what was actually on the page. A great example is Panacea's Hair Salve: before the update the description didn't contain how the salve smelled, that it contained protein,  or how long it was expected to last. Now, all descriptions are more accurate (and hopefully more helpful!)

Item Links
One thing that worried me about moving all samples to their own category was that people wouldn't see them if they clicked on where that sample used to live (Etsy doesn't let you sort an item into more than one category). To help users find items, I've added in links to different sizes as well as to any kits that product might be included in.

I hope you love the new listings and categories! Keep an eye out for future upgrades, including gift wrapping just in time for the holiday season!

only 17 days left!

launches October 31st. Check it out to sign up for updates and special offers!

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