Friday, August 23, 2019 is live! Time to update your bookmarks!
The new site is much easier to navigate and much more mobile friendly.

One of the big shifts is the Articles section. The old site had all of my blog posts going back to 2009, nearly 400 of them, and most of them no longer relevant. I used to make a lot of day-to-day blog posts about new products, sales announcements, etc. but that made it hard to sift through the noise to find the high quality articles I'd write. Now, the day-to day-stuff is on the newsletter emailing list, which enabled me to shift the focus of the site to ONLY those quality content articles.

The culling was severe, only 36 posts made the cut.

Now, only the in-depth posts you love to read and share are left in a beautiful, responsive, tiled format, making it much easier to find the post you're looking for.
Behind the scenes, I'll be building out a stand-alone store, customer rewards and more, but that's an ambitious Phase 2, especially while writing and publishing books and I can't promise a launch date just yet.

I'm sure there's some bugs to work out yet, there always are, but horray! We finally have a proper!

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