Wednesday, July 8, 2015

International Selkie Preorder Shipping Listings are Live!


This is a little confusing so PLEASE READ EVERYTHING. <3

If you are within the US, please back the Selkie Campaign here: 

Because of the complex logistics, Etsy could not roll out international shipping for the pilot of Fund. If you are an international NightBlooming customer, but would still like to participate you have two options:

1) You can back the campaign here: as normal, but MUST enter a US shipping address. You then make shipping arrangements with the people at that address to have the product sent to you. Do not use this Preorder Shipping Upgrade listing. Domestic shipping is covered within the Selkie Campaign listing. 

2) If you want your package sent directly to you in a nation other than the US, you MUST do ALL of these steps:
- Back the campaign here: as normal, but you MUST enter a US shipping address. Note which item(s) you are purchasing.

- Enter your International address in the Message to the Seller at checkout with your donation to the Selkie Fund Campaign

- Add a Selkie Preorder Shipping Upgrade for EACH item you backed to your cart and check out with all of them at once. So if you purchased two 1oz and one 8 oz you will need to add a quantity of 2 of the 1oz upgrades and a quantity of 1 of the 8oz shipping upgrades to your cart.   Etsy will use calculated shipping to factor the proper weight. 

-Your order will be shipped to the address on your Selkie Preorder Shipping Upgrade, but make SURE it is also noted in the Message to Seller with your donation to the Selkie Campaign. If this does not happen there may be a chance that your order could be shipped to the US address.

My deepest apologies that this is complicated, but many international customers expressed wanting to participate. This way allows backing of both the actual Selkie Herbal Detangler: Filling a sea of bottles campaign AND allows the product to go right to you. It's a little more legwork on my end, but you wonderful international customers are worth it :)

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me!  These listings will disappear when the Selkie Campaign ends next week, so make sure you hop on soon if you'd like Selkie from the first batch.  We won't have it up in the store for general purchase until all campaign orders are filled. 

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