Monday, July 27, 2015

Announcing the addition of Senna alexandrina to our hair color blends!

Senna alexandrea is a close relative to Senna italica, which most people refer to as Cassia obovata.  The yellow color in Senna comes from Chrysophanic acid, which is also what gives it the conditioning benefits to both scalp and hair.  After some testing, we've found Senna alexandrea that has very, very high levels of Chrysophanic acid.

That's Senna italica (cassia obovata) on the left and Senna alexandrea on the right, tested on white mohair for 2 hours
I was a little skeptical when I investigated this, but I was happily surprised to find that not only did the Senna alexandrea produce great stain, but the mud also had a gel-like consistency, much like one finds with henna.

Any hair blend that currently uses just Senna italica will changing to include a blend of both Senna italica.  That includes:


  • Devas
  • Rusalki
  • Fire Genasi
I'm very confident everyone will love the change.  This means very little in terms of color change (though Devas might see the nicest boost of all the blends), but what it means is more conditioning benefits that will last longer.  The cost of the affected blends won't change at all, so consider this a wonderful added benefit!

Our labels are being updated to include this change and will take a little time to cycle out both the older blends and the newer labels, but we wanted to announce the change and keep everyone aware.  

Of course, the old blends will always be available via custom order :)

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