Friday, September 5, 2014

Silver Strike Ficcare Repair

I had a lovely customer (who said it was okay to post about this) send me a Small Silver Strike Ficcare where the enamel had broken off the tip:

She wanted to know if, perhaps, I could decorate it somehow and cover up the end.  But the more I looked at it the more I thought I could actually just repair it.  I asked if I could try, and my customer agreed to let me have at and see how it went.

Here's a few more pictures of how it looked before I got started:

The biggest challenge was the height difference.  It wouldn't be enough just to paint silver and black streaks on the metal because the enamel itself is thick so there'd still be a ridge.  You can see that ridge pretty well here, where I've put a primer coat on the bare metal:


From there I started with painting over the primer with black, and then adding in some silver streaks.  It wasn't looking super-promising at this point, but it wasn't bad enough for me to give up, either.

Over top of this I put a coat of ice resin.  Once that had dried I dry-brushed on more silver and black streaks, taking care to match the angle of the ones on the existing enamel.  It was starting to look like something and the height difference had diminished a bit.
Five layers of ive resin and paint later, the ridge had been nearly evened out:

Then I brushed up over the existing enamel a bit to blend it better and then gave it two more ice resin coats to make the entire surface uniform.  And here's how it turned out!  I'm very pleased with it, and don't think you'd be able to tell it had been repaired even if you had it in your hands:




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  1. I liked your blog, it shares a lot of information. Enamel is looking new after repairing. Thanks for sharing.