Monday, May 2, 2011

Juniper's Gratitude Contest & Last Batch of Winter Salve

Contest: Juniper's Gratitude Hair Sticks

In the first week of fundraising for Juniper we've raised $144!!  That's fantastic!  My most sincere thanks go out to those who have found it in their hearts to donate to Juniper's recovery.

For anyone that either donates (or has already donated) to Juniper's cause by purchasing one of her items on Etsy,  or donating via PayPal to your name will be entered into a drawing for this lovely pair of hair sticks called Juniper's Gratitude.

At the end of the month, Tuesday May 31st, I'll draw a name from all the donors, and the lucky winner will get this lovely pair of hair sticks for only 20 cents! 

Juniper's Gratitude Sticks are built upon rosewood and are topped with silver floral petwer and rounds of Russian Jade. Silver leafwork uplifts two creamy white glass pearls, and from the top of one stick spills a tangle of vines and soft green glass droplets.  The pair has a usable length of 5.25 inches, a total length of 6.5 inches, and a dangle length of 2 inches.

Keep your eyes open for more Juniper's Gratitude items to be listed!

Last Batch of Winter Hair Salve!
Winter Slave is melting fast!  The last batch of the season is made and posted in the shop, so stock up before
its gone!  After this, there won't be any more until October 31st, 2011!

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