Monday, May 9, 2011

Juniper Donations & a Poll on Panacea Packagaing

 Juniper Donations
Thank you so very, very much to everyone that has donated!  By your generosity Juniper has received $474 towards her care!  That's almost a third of the way!  Don't forget that everyone that donates is eligible to win one of our Juniper Items in a drawing.  Right now we have Juniper's Gratitude up, but more items will be coming soon!

Our little girl is doing fantastic!  She's off her antibiotics and pain medication.  Slowly, but steadily, she's learning to  interact with the other cats in the house.  There's still lots and lots of hissing, but now she can at least get within a few feet of the others.

I'm not sure if her back claw will grow back :(  While it doesn't look infected any longer, the tissue looks somewhat dead and isn't showing any signs of claw regrowth.  As much as I'm vehemently against declawing, we may have to take off this one rather than leave it exposed and tender.  We'll give it a bit longer before making a final decision on it.

Until then, we'll keep you posted on how she's doing!

A Poll on Panacea Packaging
These little plastic discs are neat and all, but not recyclable :(
I hope everyone is enjoying their salves and the new 8 ounce containers!  Keep in mind, the final batch of winter salve for the year is posted, and when it's gone, it's gone!

My question is, what do you think of these things?  They're the little liners I cap off the salves with.  They're supposed to give greater leak protection, but obviously the sample sizes do just fine without them.  Would you prefer I keep using them for the 2 and 8 ounce jars of salve, or should I reduce the amount of packaging and stop using them?

Please let me know your thoughts in the poll below!  Spread the word so others have a chance to vote as well.

What are your thoughts on the disc jar liners for Panacea's Salve?

Please keep them, I like them!
I'm really not too particular either way.
Stop using them, they don't work/ I don't like the extra packaging.



  1. It is so good to hear the Junipers Fund raising is going well and that she is also doing better! what a pretty girl she is!!!
    THank you for the update!!
    I LOVE the new size panacea, much as i use it, now i feel better knowing i can rub it on and not be out in a short time :DD and i use the smaller contianer i got previously to keep that bit handy and store the larger one in the fridge!
    Thank you so much!!

  2. Thanks for the Juniper update! She's adorable!! so glad she's getting better! Angelique

  3. It is great to hear, that Juniper gets better. She is such a cutie.

    Please keep the liner, the sample size that reached me started to separate and the oil nearly leaked out of the container.

    Good luck for Juniper!

  4. Liner is needed here! Gets too hot and we don't keep the house that cold with my RA/SLE (cold is EVIL), so it gets pretty soft and almost leaks. Must have liner.

    Victor is glad to hear the news on pretty Miss Juniper. Head bonks and smoochies her way!