Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Scalp Itches? Try a Triple Moon Oil Scalp Scrub!

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With the white of winter can also come flakes from your scalp.  Dry, itchy with buildup and often neglected in comparison to the skin elsewhere, a little attention to the scalp can go a long way towards a healthy, happy scalp!

Making a scalp scrub isn't just easy, it's fun and you get to pamper yourself, which in the doldrums of winter can be an excellent pick me up! Organic plant-based ingredients nourish and protect your scalp naturally and give you the added benefit of knowing exactly what’s in them.

 Step 1: Gather your materials

To get started you're going to need only a few things, most of which you should have around the house!
  •  Brown Sugar- This will be an exfoliant, gently scrubbing away dead skin and other buildup from the scalp.  It's more gentle and more effective than salt.
  • Honey (organic and local if you can!  You don't want "Imitation honey" or anything with high-fructose corn syrup in it.  You'll get nothing out of corn, but from the natural honey you will get humecent properties (which help the scalp retain moisture) and natural antibiotic properties as well.
  • Triple Moon Hair Annointing Oil- This can be found in the Herbal Products section of our store; a blend of several types of carrier and essential oils that aid in hair growth, protection and scalp soothing.  Read all about it in this blog post!
  • A container- How large depends on how much you plan to mix up.  I reuse a 2 ounce Panacea jar for it as it's large enough to easily get two fingers into for scooping.

Step 2:Measure everything out

The amounts above will make up a half-ounce, or about enough for one treatment.  You can scale it up as much as you need to!  The scrub will last for about a year without refrigeration. You'll need
  • 1 part honey (1/4 tsp pictured)
  • 2 parts Triple Moon Hair Annointing Oil (1/2 tsp pictured)
  • 8 parts brown sugar (2 tsp pictured)

 Step 3:Put the ingredients in the container

 Whatever container you use, make sure it is waterproof, rust-proof, and has a tight-sealing lid.  Glass, ceramic, plastic or stainless steel is best.

 Step 4: Blend!

 Gently mix things up with a spoon (or even your finger!) until the ingredients are well-blended.  It should have a smooth yet grainy texture.  If it seems too dry, add another drop or three of oil and blend some more. 

Step 5: Apply

You'll want to do this on damp or towel-dry hair.  Sopping wet hair will dissolve the scrub faster than you want, and if your scalp is too dry then the abrasion will be too harsh.  I advocate doing this while soaking in a relaxing hot bath.

Scoop out a bit of scrub and work it down to the scalp with your fingers.  Don't worry if it gets on your hair, it won't hurt it at all!  Work the scrub into the scalp using a small, gentle circular motion, adding more scrub as needed.  When the scrub has dissolved, let it sit for a few minutes on your scalp  so the beneficial properties of the honey and Triple Moon Oil can work their magic.  Got leftovers on your hands?  Work it into your face too, just be careful not to get it in your eyes, nose or mouth.  It won't kill you, but it isn't a good idea to ingest anything with essential oils.  Yes, it smells sweet and yummy- don't eat it!

Step 6: Rinse

Water alone may not be enough to get the residue from the scrub out, so you can use your favorite method of washing to remove it.  As you rinse, be sure to work your fingers at the scalp, ensuring that water can rinse things clean.   You may notice you shed a few more hairs than normal, this is expected and nothing to worry about!  The hairs that were ready to fall out in the next day or two just got worked out a bit sooner with the scalp massage, you're not losing any hair you weren't going to anyway!

And that's it!  Enjoy this whenever your scalp could use a little extra attention!

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