Monday, January 24, 2011

Light My Way- Please give me your input on Panacea!


Judging by the poll it seems people would like to see the Winter blend of the Panacea Hair Salve stick around, which is fantastic!  I've also gotten requests for an Unscented Panacea... which puts me in a bit of  fix.

In an ideal world (i.e. one in which I no longer had a day job and NightBlooming was my job, I could blend up as many different iterations of any of my products as my customers could ever want, but realistically that is simply not the case, no matter how much I desire it was.

So here's my proposed idea:
  • To eventually phase out the Vegan blend in favor of the winter blend.  I still have some supplies for making this, so I would continue to offer it until I ran out of supplies.
  • Winter would become a permanent addition to the store. From customer feedback I've gathered that the Vegan seems to work similarly on hair to the Winter, so from a usability standpoint this should still satisfy those hair types that work best with the current Vegan hair salve.
  • We would introduce an Unscented Version of the Normal salve.  Why normal?  Because it has the most neutral smell of the three current blends.  Unscented doesn't mean scent-free, and several of the herbal extracts that make the salves work contribute to the scent.  So even if I didn't add any of the oils I do just for added olfactory bliss, there's still smell there, and the normal would give the best base for either those that wanted to add their own scents, or those that were sensitive to scents.
This would give three scents (the incense-like bliss of Normal, the creamy base of Unscented Normal, and then the crisp, clean unisex scent of Winter).  Once we have this sorted I can get to listing 8 ounce tubs or Panacea and finish up work on the shampoo and conditioners!

It's your feedback that will ultimately dictate this change, so please let me know your thoughts, and forward this along to others so they can join the conversation!


  1. I really like this idea! For me, I've yet to try your panacea because I noticed that the vegan/normal salves have gluten containing ingredients in them. The winter blend does not! But, in typical annoying fashion, by the time you'd released that salve, I'd just bought a huge tub of another treatment that I swore I'd finish before spending more money.

    Now I get to rest easy knowing the winter panacea will be waiting for me as soon as I need new hair goodies. :D

    I'm also really excited by the prospect of shampoo and conditioners. Would they be eco-friendly? I know that's something you work on, personally, and your hair products to date seem to fit that mold.

  2. I would love to have the vegan blend continued as a perfume, i rub that one on me as a sleeping aid, its so clming and relaxing to me, perhaps i need to buy up what i can before you run out!
    I do prefer the regular panacea to the winter blend for the way it works, but i love the fresh clean scent of the winter panacea and its less oily for in between washes as a touch up for frizz or lift, at least in my wavy thick hair.
    looking forward to shampoo and condish!! LOVE your products!!

  3. I only tried the Vegan and the Winter blend. I cannot see any difference in the performance, so for me it just comes down to smell. That said, it would be sad if you would discontinue the Vegan blend. I just love the smell of it! However, the scentless version is definitely a good idea. I know a lot of people sensitive to strong scents and I once tried to avoid strong scents for a while because of a sensitive boyfriend.

    As for the normal blend: incense-like is a description which never fails to turn me off. I always think of this typical smell of small dingy hippie stores with their overload of incense candles, batik skirts and cheap wooden sculptures. Maybe I should give it a try, so if anyone can reassure me that my associations are wrong, I would be grateful.

    So bottom line: please do not discontinue the Vegan blend!

  4. Thank you all for the feedback :)

    If it helps, sommernachtstraum, the scents added to the Vegan and the normal blend are the same, save that the Vegan has more citrus and that the honey notes in the normal give it a deeper, fuller smell.

    It's so hard to make this call as to what the right balance is for making the most people happy!

  5. I love both the Normal and the Winter Blend. Both work wonderfully for smoothing my thick hair, and both leave my ash blond hair looking more blonde/reddish than brownish. I prefer the scent of the regular, but I like the winter. I'm glad that you're considering keeping it.

    The vegan does not work for me. I look greasy no matter how little I use. The scent is ok, but not a favorite. I have had friends with thinner hair try the three, and they liked the vegan. One was especially happy that it is vegan. They both like that it did not weigh down their hair. It would be a shame to get rid of it for the people who like it.

    I like minimal scent, but the current lineup seems pretty neutral to me. I would try an unscented blend if you made one. Love your products too!

  6. Thank you Nightblooming. Then I will just try the normal blend and see how it compares to the vegan. (I saw people comparing the scent to old cathedral and mass, so I was afraid it would be very musky)

  7. Moenchen said...

    I love the vegan salve! I tried all but the vegan is the best blend for my hair (and nose :-). The winter blend does not work for me and I don´t like the smell. So I would be very sad if the vegan phases out.

    My assumption why my hair loves the vegan:
    1) winter blend: protein free
    2) mormal blend: honey
    3) vegan blend: proteins, no honey but Aloe --> best mixture for my hair.

  8. I for one would be very sad to see the vegan version go. I like the scent unlike the scent of the normal version. To me there is a big difference between the two even though it might only be that the vegan is more citrusy and the normal has more honey notes. I would not use the normal because of it's smell.

    I've only tried the winter version twice. It's fine, but I still prefer the smell of the vegan.

    So, if the vegan really ends up being discontinued, I'll need to stock up. ;-)

  9. Great idea to have a lower scented version and for the base to be the regular formula. I love the regular blend. I haven't used enough of the Vegan and Winter blends on my hair to know whether they are significantly different in performance, but they all work similarly on my hands to combat extreme dryness. I like the scents in all of them, different yet all very comforting.

    I am particularly interested in a low scent version as my DH is extremely scent sensitive. I cannot use any of the current blends right before bed as I do not want to cause him headaches. I do use them but it has to be at a time and place where he won't be around me for an hour or so.

  10. A great way to test the scents for your self is the sample sizes, they are small and affordable and you can either use it, gift it to someone or toss it without losing alot! and i reuse my sample bottles over and over, they travel really well!

  11. I would totally cry to see the vegan blend go. I've tried all the different types, including mixes of two different types together, and nothing else works in my hair other than the vegan one. Please Nightshade, don't stop making it!!!