Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another turn of the year has passed, and by all accounts on this end 2010 was an amazing year for NightBlooming!  We were able to offer new herbal products, streamline the custom order process, included new NightBlooming handmade bags for sticks and pins, and add new products like draped barrettes and Green Sleeves.

We already have exciting plans in the works for 2011, including an exclusive Garden Sanctuary selection of products!  These products will be the best my hands can create and will be true pieces of wearable art and will be fashioned from semi-precious and precious stones, metals, and other fine materials.

Also in the works is our own webpage, where people can come and learn more about NightBlooming, our products, and access the Garden Sanctuary Collection, which will not be available on Etsy.  We're still in development, but here's a peek at one of our prototype gallery pages!

What we would love to know is what YOU want to see from us in 2011!  Please pass the poll along, the more answers we get, the better we can tailor to your needs. You can select as many options as you'd like, and please feel free to leave comments with more suggestions! free polls
What would you like to see most from NightBlooming in 2011?
Panacea Daily Shampoo and Conditioner

Panacea Original Blend Perfume Oil

Long Hair Growth Herbal Tea (for drinking)

Winter Panacea to become a regular product

More topped hair forks

More draped sticks and barettes

Pre-bunning Mister

Samples of other natural oils (carrot, argan, borage, meadowfoam, etc)

Wedding-geared hair sticks and pins

More hair toy designs geared towards men

Gift Wrapping

Expanded offering of herbal hair coloring products

NightBlooming to quit her day job and do this full time ;)


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  1. I've been noticing lately more single hairsticks that are built upon ketylos or some other kind of thicker wood stick. The individual sticks that I bought a while back (one to three years ago) are quite slender in diameter and thus do not hold my hair up as well as thicker sticks. With the Nightblooming pairs I own this is not a problem as there are two sticks. Sometimes I just like putting my hair back with one stick, so I wouldn't mind seeing more single sticks with a thicker diameter.