Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rehabilitating Damaged Hair Naturally Success Story

I got the most wonderful emails from a happy customer who picked up Rehabilitating Damaged Hair Naturally, not just for herself, but also for her daughter, Carmela.

Not two days after purchasing she wrote to me, included this picture and said:

So this is obviously just the start.  My daughter's hair is naturally curly, think and generally out of control.  We are going to do the moisture treatment from your book tonight but by just following a few bits of advice we have already seen dramatic changes.  This morning her hair looked so good that for the first time in over two years she wanted to wear it down to go to school.  I just wanted to share the pictures with you and say thank you again.  I can not tell you how happy you made my little girl this morning.

We had a wonderful chat, and then this morning I got another email with another picture!

I promise that I won't bother you with updates every day but I thought this one was worth it.  We did the tea and honey treatment on her hair last night and the results were very dramatic.  You can see how much softer the texture of her hair is after the treatment.  The difference in the actual feel of it is incredible.  Again thank you so much for making my baby girl so happy. 

Look at those beautiful wurls coming out to shine!

It just puts me over the moon to know that something I wrote has made a little girl so much happier with her hair.

Have a success story, too?  I'd love to hear it!


  1. Such wonderful things to hear! I'm also sharing info from the book with my daughter who struggles with thich, curly hair. You're doing great things...keep it up!

  2. Oh her hair IS BEAUTIFUL!! THis book is that wonderful!! and all the new stuff in there..WOW! so happy for you to embrace your beautiful hair sweetie! ! THank you NIGHTBLOOMING!!