Wednesday, April 20, 2016

NightBlooming turns NINE today!

NightBlooming turns NINE today! What an immensely crazy thought that is.  Nine years ago I still hadn't landed a full time job out of college, wasn't married to my amazing husband, did not have our house (with dedicated NightBlooming craft room), garden, or bees. NightBlooming was packed into a corner of an old Victorian house, under a pitched roof. My workspace was an old dining room table and some closet organizer from the hardware store.

It seems so, so long ago!

And yet I'm still here, and so are you!  As a thank you for my amazing customers, please enjoy a special 4-day sale.

Next year is going to be a massive milestone, and I'm already looking forward to what I can do for it.


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm glad I've known your store for such a long time and gotten a few very precious pieces from it :)

  2. MadamemedievalistApril 28, 2016 5:28 AM

    Congratulations on your milestone! I treasure my Nightblooming hairsticks and really could not do without my oils and salves--aside from conditioner and shampoo, they're the only products that touch my hair! :)