Monday, April 18, 2016

Find the queen, win a 2oz Thriae!

This past weekend my husband and I split our surviving hive so we would again have two hives! That means we opened up one hive:

Inspected each comb to determine what was on each, and then divided them between the two hives.  The hive that doesn't have the queen will raise a new one, and the one that does doesn't need the youngest brood comb, which is what the queenless hive will raise a new queen from. Finding a queen bee is HARD.  Most times you will never, ever see her, but my eagle-eyed husband spotted her. This was awesome as it let us divide up the comb in an ideal way to best support the queenless hive.

So here's the deal: The queen bee is in this picture.

 If you find her, mark her (with Photoshop, MS paint, whatever),and send me the picture either by email or by Etsy convo through Wed, April 20th.  

I'll draw winners from the entries and will include a free 2 oz Thriae Scalp Scrub with your next order! 

Why April 20th? It's our 9-year anniversary and we'll have even more fun things then! Good luck!

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