Sunday, November 15, 2015

Filling Machine Video and bonus Selkie production picture

Tonight was a serious production day (night?) for me.  I started at about 2pm and finally sat down at about 1am.  But I got many lovely and awesome things made for you :)

Selkie Herbal Hair Detangler

First off is a fresh batch of Selkie!  Here's me squeezing a jelly bag full of the slippery elm, fenugreek, and marshmallow root.  It takes a very long time (and two hands, here I was using one for the camera) to squeeze all of the slippery goodness out of there after it's simmered.

Don't forget you can pick up Selkie in a 1 oz Sample Size, an8 oz Full Size, and an 8 oz Refill Pouch.

Filling Machine Experimentation

The filling machine got a workout tonight: Triple Moon Oil, Selkie Herbal Detangler, and all three types of hair salve!

I hadn't had a chance yet to try the filling machine with any of the salves, and had no idea how it was going to go.  Much to my surprise, it went great!

I do miss the pretty star shape the old method left, though, so I've already got a plan in the works to try to restore that.

Curious as to how much time I was really saving, I took two short videos of me filling samples of Triple Moon Oil.

I hadn't ever timed myself using it before, but the time it took using the old funnel method (44 seconds) to the new filling machine method (14 seconds), reduced my filling time per bottle from 15 seconds to 5.  Overall, that cuts my bottling time down by two thirds. Considering how many things come in bottles, that's HUGE!

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