Friday, January 16, 2015

New Product Pictures: Triple Moon Oil & Herbal Hair Colors

In our continued to update and unify the look of all our products, we've knocked two more big areas out: Triple Moon Oil and our Herbal Hair colors.

Both of these products have been shipping with the new labels for awhile now, but only recently was I able to get photos for everything.  Better and more accurate product pictures help people feel confident in what they're buying.  They're fun, but arranging them, shooting them, editing the photos, and uploading them takes awhile.  Just to do the two sizes of Triple Moon Oil, start to finish, took well over ten hours.

Triple Moon Oil

One of our very first products, Triple Moon Oil looked like this in 2008:

It got a label update in 2010, but the pictures stayed the same:

But now, finally, we've got the newest labels as well as brand-new product shots! Here's a few, but check out the listings for our 1/2 Sample Size and 4 oz size of our Triple Moon Hair Anointing Oil to see them all!

Herbal Hair Colors

The packaging here went through three variations, just like the Triple Moon oil had. They started out looking like this:

I really wanted to get ingredients on the packages themselves, so even though they never got updated product pictures, the labels that shipped looked like this for awhile while the newest ones were in development:

But the newest pictures, not only reflect our current branding but also show all the ingredients (on the large sizes, samples have too little space on the label):

Many of the listings (where photos allow, I can't bring myself to take down the 1000 x 1000 pixel warning on some of them to make space), now also show a picture of the closeup of the herbal dust to show how fine the sift is. 

More improvements are in the works!  New labels and product photos are being developed for Miruvor (both the sample and the large size), Forest Glade Dark Hair Herbal Rinse sample and full-size, Sunlit Meadow Light Hair Rinse sample and full-size, our organic Catnip, Catmint, and blended Catnip & Catmint blossoms, and the Moondust Herbal Dry Shampoo Dry Refill bag

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