Monday, August 11, 2014

Making a Primavera Part 2: Icy Resin Coat

While waiting for my art metal clay to arrive I was thinking two things
  1. that if I do get the art metal clay to work, it'll be REALLY expensive to do per clip.  Roughly, I think I'll need 20g of silver metal clay per clip, which is $60 + shipping on top of a $44 clip.  So that's already clearing $100 in materials, to say nothing of time, consumables and whatever else that'll entail.  And that's assuming it works at all
  2. I was really antsy to try out my new mold.
When I coat the the other Ficcares I make I use a compouned called Ice Resin.  It takes 8-13 hours to set and 3 days to cure.  It's a pain to work with, but dries crystal-clear, hard, and doesn't yellow.   I wondered, since metal clay will shrink when I fire it, if perhaps I could make an Ice Resin topper that I could then epoxy down / paint silver (not sure which order is best yet). 

So while I was working on a bunch of custom orders on Saturday I mixed up some Ice Resin and loaded it into the mold.  Because it takes so flipping long to set I had to keep tilting the mold back and forth to distrbute the resin as it set up.  Thankfully the longer this went on the thicker it got, and the less I had to tip. 

But here we were:

It was very thin and I took it out carefully, mostly worried I'd ruined the mold that had taken so long to make.

And then set it atop a blank clip I had to finish curing.
It still needs to finish the curing process, but it's hardening up nicely.  Then I can clean up the edges and see what there is to see.  As it stands, though, I do think it's pretty this way.  It has a frosted glass look to it that I think has a unique amount of depth to it.
I'm not sure about the best way to paint it silver and then secure it down on a clip.  An antiqued/colored look might be best because I think I'm going to lose the textured recesses with a bit of primer and paint.  But we'll see.
In any event, this is shaping up to be a much more cost-reasonable approach than the silver art clay, and at least let me prove to myself that my mold works as desired!


  1. What a long and involved process! It's really amazing to see how much work is involved here. This is so intriguing! Looking forward to your updates. :)

    <3 Indigo Girl

  2. Will these be available for sale in future? :)

  3. Thank you! :) I thought it'd be fun to show how a new potential product is formed. There's often a lot that goes on in the creative process and often some dead ends and nobody but me usually sees what it takes to get through what works to what does!

    I do intend to sell these at some point, if and when I can get something I'm happy with. Which of these experiments will pan out (if any), I can't say. Material cost and time are big factors that impact the price, so I can't even make a guesstimate on that. But here's hoping!

  4. Amazing progression! Love seeing your creative juices at work :)


  5. Curious, has anything panned out?

  6. Yes and no XD I've got an update post coming soon!

  7. oh, how great!
    Are there any updates on this project? :)