Monday, June 9, 2014

Salve Survery & Contest Results!

Hair Salve Survey Results

 And the results are in!  I had some help from the statistician at my day job to crunch the numbers, and it took a little doing- hence the delay in results.  The good news is that the winners didn't have to wait, everyone that won salve was contacted a week or two ago and their goodies are on the way.   But here are your results!  This will enable me to make much better customer recommendations for the "which salve should I order" question. ^_^

The results on this one surprised me, although it lines up with my sales so I'm not sure why.  I think I felt that Ostara's was more popular than Freya's.

This just forces me to conclude that hair salve is like the Amortentia potion from Harry Potter, everyone smells something different, but everyone like what they smell.

These results were also very interesting.  Personally, two ounces of salve lasts me over a year, so I fall in the black part of the graph.

The number of people that use salve as a styling aid was unexpected, but also very neat to see.

When I ran the results of this question against the first one (which hair salve works best for you), there were some weak preferences.  Curlies and zig-zaggies tended to prefer Panaceas, wavies Freya's and straight haired people the Ostara's.  But the trends were very, very weak and the results were still very varied across all hair types. 

The main trends here when we ran this against salve preference was that people with fine hair seemed to like Freya's or Ostara's best, and those with thick hair preferred Panacea's.  Generally, though, there were responses for all salve types to all hair thicknesses, with the most variance seen in medium hair strands. 

The most interesting thing about this one was that when I did a cross-compare with those who used henna and which salve they liked, there wasn't much difference from the first question.  Freya's came out ahead by a hair for hennaheads, but I feel that's in the margin of "I use which one I think smells best."  I also found it funny that almost 40% of respondents were henna users.  That's really, really high compared to "normal" people.

I've wanted to do a few limited edition salves for awhile now, and by this I think it's safe to say you'll see one or two in the future :)

So what do we take away from all this?  
  • I'll still be recommending the Sample Trinity Pack when people ask which one to try.  The way everything shook out there wasn't a huge majority for any hair type crossing over with any one salve type.  I honestly expected to find that henna users preferred X salve, while curly haired people preferred Y, and those with straight, fine hair preferred Z.  But the results were still all over.  
  • Generally, most people get the best results from using salve on damp hair
  • Generally, a 1/2 ounce sample of salve will last ~1 month with average use.  Those that had higher rates of salve consumption tended to also be the ones that used it as a deep treatment as well as a leave-in. 
  • You'll probably see some limited edition salves in the future.  But unlike Freya's, they won't stay.  Freya's was supposed to be limited edition, but the uproar was so great that I kept it.  The limited edition salves will be re-scents of the current three, so there won't actually be a functional change to the formula. :)
 Thank you to everyone who participated!  These results were amazing!

10,000 Sale Contest Results

 There were two entries for the Art Category, and none for the others.  They were both so wonderful, however, I decided that each of them will get the $20 NightBlooming Certificate as a prize :)  I left the artists anonymous, but they can claim their work if they'd like!  I'll be contacting both our winners directly with their prizes ^_^

Freya, of the Vanir,
Lady of Beltane.

Called upon,
By the womenfolk.
Goddess of fertility,
Goddess of abundance.

Loved and adored,
By rulers and heroes.
Leader of the Valkyrie,
Leader of warriors.

Shapeshifter and sorceress,
Traveller to all nine worlds.
Lady of divination,
Lady of magic.

Adored and cherished,
By all lovers.
Mistress of pleasure,
Mistress of passion.

Freya, the most beautiful,
Freya, the most benign.
                       - Sinead Anja Hering

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