Monday, March 31, 2014

Pricing Adjustments & Enyo War Goddess Henna Preview

I can't begin to express how grateful I am to everyone who responded to my previous post about needing to make some changes to NightBlooming.  Thank you so very, very much for being sweet and understanding.  I've read and re-read both the post and the comments so many times.  I wanted to be honest and in return I feel like I can move forward with my plan to make NightBlooming full time, eventually.


Pricing Adjustments

I took a (much needed) three-day break to visit my best friend in another city.  Since the store was closed, I made the changes I outlined a bit in the previous post.  Here's what you'll notice:
  • Prices on Salves, oils, herbal rinses, scrubs, dry shampoos, etc. all got bumped a little. These were the products that either hadn't had their prices updated in 6 years, or had been priced with the old, wildy out-of-date, pricing equation I use.
  • Prices on sticks, barrettes, pins, accessories, etc.  as well as all herbal hair colors and teas stayed the same.

Shipping Adjustments

Not a lot changed here.  I think the only things that got adjusted specifically were the items with the "Medium Herbal" weight.  You can't see the pricing categories, it's a back end grouping, but it's the "herbal stuff between 6-13 ounces".
Germany and the UK got added as specific shipping destinations, just like Canada.  I didn't change anything there, but what this lets me do is more specifically tweak pricing in the future.  Although the USPS site tells me that shipping to the UK is the same as Germany, it isn't in practice.  This will let me hone in on the bare-minimum shipping to each of these international destinations.  As I send more packages to other countries and can get a good feel for those specific rates, I'll add more.


Discounts, Promo Codes & Sales

NightBlooming sales never happened.  Discount codes were pretty rare.  Largely this was because I just didn't have the margin to allow them while making any money at all. One upside of the new pricing structure is that now I can give my loyal customers more sales, discount codes, and other promotional offers!  I'm very excited to be able to have the flexability to do this.  There's actually going to be one coming up soon for Panacea specifically, so if you love your salve (and good gods, some of you do!), keep an eye out for an upcoming post.  I'll be offering a discount code in exchange for telling me a little bit about your hair and which salve it likes best.  Anyone that participates also gets entered in a drawing to win some of their favorite salve!

Enyo: War Goddess Henna Hair Dye
I've wanted to do this one for awhile.  It isn't open for general sale yet, but if you're a lover of deep, deep henna red, this one will be for you!  We hope to release this in the upcoming weeks.
Enyo was the Greek goddess of war, the female counterpart and close companion of the god Ares. Often depicted with deep red hair and covered in blood, Enyo so delighted in warfare that she even refused to take sides in the battle between Zeus and the monster Typhon, preferring the fight to go on as long as possible.
This blend is our darkest red, trending towards ruby. Keep in mind, multiple applications will deepen the color from orange, to ruby red, to burgundy. Because of the henna content, Enyo dye will still flare orange in the sunlight.
This herbal hair color would be fitting for a war goddess, imparting vivid orange tones to lighter colored hair, and giving deep red warmth as well as amazing natural conditioning properties to darker colored hair. Enyo War Goddess Herbal Hair Color is made entirely from powdered herbs, and contains no chemicals, metallic salts, or other additives.
Ingredients: Henna (Rajastani), Elder berry, hibiscus, beet root, triphala powder, indigo. 



  1. Ohhhhh, dark red henna! And double-ohhhh for Panacea - I love that stuff! - Rebecca (anonymous cause nothing else works - I'm also the Anonymous from the last post)

  2. Is the dark red henna still happening?

  3. Yes it is! Look for it soon :) I have a long weekend coming up with the 4th of July and hope to get if finished ^_^