Friday, November 16, 2012

Lots of new things on the way!

Long Time, No Update

I guess the first question is, well why not? There’s a few reasons, but the main one was probably that I was making a few adjustments and wanted to try them out and see how they worked before posting here and making them official.

So what’s happened since the last time I posted? Lots!

  • Inventory/ Multistock– more items now have a multiple quantity select, which helps keep inventory up.
  • Custom Oil Blends– While Triple Moon Oil is awesome, sometimes you want something a little different, with another scent, or with a base you know works for you. NightBlooming now offers custom-blended oils just for you in both a half-ounce sample size with dropper, or in a full 4 oz size, also with dropper. Choose from 7 base oils, 20 secondary oils, and 18 essential oils. Look for more oils and essential oils to be added in the future!
  • New Herbal Color/Conditioning Products– Devas (blonde/colorless) and Rusalki (strawberry blonde), have been joined by Fire Genasi (copper), and Kitsune FoxFire (red). There’s also a Ruby Red color in development!
  • Full-Size Herbal Rinses in New Packaging Sizes– Our herbal hair rinses now come loose-leaf and in greater quantity for the same price. Check out our Sunlight Meadow rinse for light hair, and our Forest Glade rinse for dark hair!
  • All Three Panacea Salves Now Offered Year-Round!– With having a bit more of an inventory padding, I’m better able to keep up on salve production! Traditional Salve, Winter Salve, and Summer Salve are now around no matter what the season.
  • Spring Sample Sachet Updated– The sachet now comes with all three kinds of salve, a sample of either the Forest Glade Dark Hair Rinse or the Sunlit Meadow Rinse, Triple Moon Oil sample with dropper, and a sample of Miruvor Long Hair Tea. 

That’s way too much for just one entry, so we’ll break it out across several upcoming blog posts. Stay tuned! 

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