Friday, November 16, 2012

Inventory & Multistock

Inventory... more specifically why I never had any!

Previously when I made sticks to list for the upcoming week, I’d do 7 sticks/pairs and then some smaller pin/barrette items to go along with them. I’d only do one stick of each type. Now I still make 7 items (usually one to list per day of the week, along with smaller extras), but now I’ll make multiples of some of the sticks.

The biggest time sink of making the sticks really isn’t in the making, it’s in the design, the gathering of the components, and then laying everything out. I have a few items that come up every now and again, designs I really like and often have the components on hand for, but I’d only make one at a time. I was repeating the longest, most time-consuming part of the work every month or five when I’d remake that particular design. Added to that, as soon as that stick sold, I was very low on inventory again!

You guys know that my low inventory has long been a concern of mine. I hate the idea of someone coming to the store and just not seeing anything, or thinking it isn’t very active because of the ninja-like Add-To-Cart abilities of some of my customers. 

Enter Multistock

As a test, I started making multiples of several things. This let me put more things together at once, but also let there still be something in stock. It seemed to be a success, so I’ve ran with it. Not everything is a multi-listing, though, there’s still lots of solo listings for ninja-ing.

You can tell when a listing has a multiple quantity in stock by this little number over by the add to cart button:

Once you add the item to the cart, you’ll be able to select how many of that item you want:

So, for those of you that prefer pairs, you’ll probably find some “solo-listed pairs” over in the Solo Hair Sticks Section of the store. They’re not listed in the Pairs section because I didn’t want to cause confusion as to how many sticks you got for what price.

This doesn’t just apply for sticks! You can add multiple quantities of anything that has it in stock. This is also idea for things like our herbal hair colors and conditioners. Each is listed at 100g, but if you need 500g for you hair, you can simply select that at checkout rather than asking for a special listing.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions! Ask away and comment below!

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