Friday, July 15, 2011

Interest in a Panacea Shampoo Bar?

I've done some pondering and wondered about taking a crack at a Panacea shampoo bar.  Before I start working on one, though, I'd like to know if there'd be interest out there.  Please let me know if you'd try one, and if you had any requests (vegan/protien-free, etc) so I can keep them in mind as I hash out a recipe and do some testing.   I'll probably need some guinea pigs eventually if I move forward with this!

Would you try a Panacea Shampoo Bar?
Yes, I use shampoo bars and would switch if it worked.
Yes, I'd give it a try.
Maybe, it'd depend.
No, I haven't had luck with shampoo bars in the past.
No, I don't use any form of soap or shampoo on my hair. free polls


  1. What a great idea! My one request would be a version without coconut oil, since I'm allergic. But I realize that a lot of people love coconut so it might not be worth it for just a few of us.... Just a thought!


  2. Sounds great! My hair likes variety, so I alternate my shampoos and conditioners, but many of my shampoos are shampoo bars and I'd be thrilled to work a Panacea bar into my rotation.

    As for requests, my only request is that it be cruelty free, but I can't imagine you would have it any other way.

  3. I do love your Panacea, and I also love 'poo bars - but if you put some up in your shop, it might be some time until I would buy them - I have a rather big pile already and would need to use up some of what I have first!

  4. i would love to try that and i would be a guinea pig for you :D i love my panacea so much! it has made my hair so lovely, i would totally leave the magic of it up to your fabulous potion making abilities! i would wish for it to smell as close as possible to the panacea or summer blend panacea, as i love both of those.

  5. That would be very nice, I prefer protein free products since my hair build up protein pretty fast and it is so difficult finding a good shampoo without protein

  6. I meant to mention a month ago that it would be even better if there were a Winter Blend Panacea shampoo bar.

  7. I would love a Panacea poo bar, especially if it smelt as nice as the panacea itself (only have the summer version myself, so not sure what the other ones smell like). The smell is addictive!

  8. I know this is old, but I'll give my opinion anyway. ;)

    I answered "maybe, it would depend" because I love the idea, but if it is a soap based shampoo bar, I wouldn't be able to use it as we have extremely hard water, and I've not been able to get soap based bars to work.
    I also would prefer if it was SLS-free, so if there is some way to make it a mild detergent (like a sugar based cleanser) bar, that would be amazing! I've never been able to find such a thing, and I would definitely buy it from you if you were able to make it.