Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fun with Graphs- Behind the Scenes

After realizing that some of you are keenly interested in what goes in behind the proverbial scenes when it comes to crafting, I thought I'd share some fun charts from the Google Analytics for the NightBlooming store.  Keep in mind all these numbers are from the last month of traffic.

Let's start with how people are finding their way to the store (click the pictures for bigger, readable images):

Okay, so we know I get a LOT of traffic from Referring sites.  Most people are finding their way to the shop from some other location, usually one of the long hair fourms. I was surprised to see that langhaarnetzwerk was beating out LHC, though!

 About 15% of you like to use a bookmark (direct traffic), and the remaining 15% or so are using search engines.  There's another 5% that apparently beam in on alien frequency waves.
Search Words
For the 15% that arrive via a search, well, I can also tell what terms were searched for.  Here's the most common ones:
Nothing too strange there.  Another amazing hair toy maker as well as some general terms that should lead people here.  And then there's the WTF collection of search terms:

So... I guess I'd better get on making crab dish towels that double as a Nook accessory, a bandanna print shirtdress and whatever the heck a hoot owl hum is.  The internet works in strange and mysterious ways.

What about you?
Well, I can't see things about you specifically, but I can see some interesting things about my audience.  For instance, most NightBlooming fans are based in the USA, but dang, way to represent Germany!

 I can also see what sort of technology you're using.  Well, at least what browser.

And here's my favorite one.  Customer Loyalty.  Having so many people come back time and time and time again... thank you so very, very much!  I do my best to earn that loyalty.

Anything surprise you?  Not surprise you?

Like this sort of stuff?  Please let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more charts and behind the scenes goodness.


  1. I, for one, love the graphs! I certainly find these sorts of things interesting--especially the international map (yay Germany!) and the miscellaneous search terms. :)

    (And is it silly that one of my first responses was: "Eeeeee! I got a mention!")

  2. Hahhahaa not silly at all! I actually considered quipping that I should start paying you and Igor for traffic ;)

  3. I had to LMAO when i saw your list of referring terms that get people to your site, ours are always WTF moments too, i am super surprised that you are selling 1940s night slips behind my back, geez o weez....:D this was a great idea, great job too! we love returning customers and referrals! the langhaarnetzwerk has been ahead of LHC on our referrals too, Go Germany :D Ich Liebe YOU!

  4. That was really a lot of fun and interesting information! I see that Norway is only no. 6 when it comes to visitors-by-nationality, but perhaps we don't do as badly as all that if we factor in population size! ;-)

  5. I'm one of those German visitors! And yes, Nightshade, you have many fans here in Germany, people love your work and your nice way of communicating with customers. And they love the packaging and quality. And we have a few private hair sites here in Germany which could explain why Germany gives you so many customers.

  6. Kimi- Isn't it strange? I have no idea how people find there way to a hair toy site if they're looking for margarita soap!

    Alvrodul- Hahahaha I bet you guys do great on a per-capita scale XD

    Annika- You guys rock! I really, really appreciate how patient you guys are with my lack of German skills. I'm always amazed how amazingly well so many of you speak English, and then apologize for it! O_o

  7. apologize for bad english-skills seems to be typically german *lol* (I know it *cough* I come from germany)
    It's really funny that you can read about that attitude even in guidebooks :D


  8. I'm also one of these German visitors from Langhaarnetzwerk and looking for my carry-with-me-garden you just shipped.

    Thank you so much!

  9. I thought my blog would make it on your list *Sniffles*

  10. Yeah Germany. I think I'm accountably for some purchases in the last time. Here in Germany a lot of little sample sizes of your Panacea are travaling from Hair fant o hair fan. The only thing many germans are afraid of is using paypal.

    I'm in Langhaarnetzwerk, too but mostly I'm in annother big hair community. But in the moment I think your Panaceas are really becoming the next must-have for a lot of people.

    So go an and your shipping fees are fantasitc. I think this is another reason, why we buy your things. It's not more expensive than shipping German online Shops.

    So go one and thanks from the german users for your shop.