Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spring Færie Sample Sachets are Here!

Scene from a narration of Master Tribell's "The Spring Fairy": A young woodelf on a romp, spreading magical petals from her bottomless bag. Image by Eratin.

There is a tale of a Spring Færie who finds a bottomless sachet with magical petals. The petals made the ground they touched flourish and people happy- and so the spring faerie spread the petals as far as she could.

But the bag was stolen by a thief who thought to make money by spreading happiness, only to discover that the contents of the bag withered in his hands, and that the bottomless bag reverted to a normal one. Disgusted, he tossed it aside.

The spring færie found the ruined sachet, but had found that she didn't need a magical bag to make people happy...

Not wanting to throw the bag away, instead she tucked inside a few of her mystical beauty sundries.

Her bag has found its way to you... perhaps there’s magic left in it after all.

Introducing Spring Færie Sample Sachets

Inside you will find samples of several of the herbal treatments available from NightBlooming! This little bag makes it easy to get several samples at once and is also perfect for a gift or for a travel set!

The organic burlap bag contains:

- 1 Normal Panacea Salve Sample
- 1 Vegan Panacea Salve Sample
- 1 Triple Moon Oil Sample w/ Dropper
- 1 Herbal Hair Rinse Tea Bag (for either light or dark hair, please leave a note to the seller with your choice. If none is chosen I will send the light hair)

Also included is a scroll that gives abbreviated directions for each of the products. For complete ingredients and directions, please see the individual listing for each product!

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