Friday, October 8, 2010

An Autumn Offer for my Readers & This Week's Treasuries

Faerie Guardians by Howard David Johnson

An Autumn Offer for my Readers

Since this blog is so new, I'd like to cater to my readers a bit!  Please pass this along to anyone else you might think is interested in the offer, the more the merrier!

In a future blog post I'd like to do a NightBlooming Q & A session.  What have you always wanted to know about our store, our products, how we operate?  Ask a question in the comments and sign with your Etsy name; ***if your question is chosen to be featured***  I'll give free shipping on your next order (including our international members!)

Some guidelines for questions:
  • One question per person, please
  • No personal questions, keep it strictly about the store and its products (for instance a question about my workshop would be just fine, asking what I had for dinner last night is not)
  •  No trade secrets
  • Questions must be submitted by next Friday (10/15/2010)
 I look forward to your questions!


This Week's Treasuries 

The leaves here make the trees look as though they're on fire- flaming reds and golds and oranges.  It's a stunning display, natures fireworks, and while I enjoy them I know that only too soon they'll fade and it's on to the coldest, darkest part of the year.

Both the treasuries I was featured in this week help me keep my thoughts nice and warm.


  1. Q: how are you designing a new piece of jewelery/hair accessory: are you first looking at your "raw materials" to get inspired on what you can create with them - or is there first a specific idea of how the masterpiece should look and then you get materials for it together?

    ~ trollGloom

  2. What is the main difference between the vegan panacea and the regular offering?


  3. What made you want to start making your own hairtoys, were you inspired by someone, in need of something that didnt exist yet or just like to make people happy? Tell us the story!

  4. sommernachtstraumOctober 08, 2010 1:39 PM

    Dear Nightshade. Do you work in silence, listening to the sound of nature around you or do you like to be inspired by music?

  5. Which items are your favorite to make and why?

  6. I notice you (and several other etsy jewelry makers) do seasonal themed hair toys. Which is your favourite season to create in?

    This is a secret, double sided question:
    a) in which season do you feel most inspired
    b) which season's hair toys do you enjoy making the most?

    -Saskia Madding

    ps. I don't really care about the free shipping, I'm just super curious about the answer!