Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sarenrae Blonde/Colorless Herbal Hair Color and Conditioner

No, not a new product, just a retitle!  Formerly known as Devas, our Golden Blonde / Colorless (on dark hair) blend is now known as Sarenrae.

Why the change? Back in the day I had this idea that all the hair colors would be named after faeries, and all the powders would be things that could be purchased in a fae market. That worked right up until Fire Genasi came along (Dungeons & Dragons entity with a fire elemental as a parent), and then was followed up by Kitsune (Japanese fox-spirit), Enyo (Greek goddess of war), and Eilistraee (a Drow goddess in Dungeons & Dragons).

Also? Devas just never resonated with me. It sounded kind of like diva, and most divas don't seem into the whole head-full-of-mud thing.

Lastly, I'm a long-time roleplayer, and after creating the Raven Queen's Chosen Oil I wanted to do another Critical Role homage. Sarenrae is the Pathfinder Goddess of Healing and Redemption who teaches temperance and patience in all things. This herbal blend is perfect for putting damaged hair on the mend, and Sarenrae fit thematically.

In Critical Role, before Pike Trickfoot, a Cleric of Sarenrae, was killed, her hair black with a purple streak. After her first death and resurrection her hair turned white. Her player, Ashley Johnson, has blonde hair, too, so it all seemed to fit rather nicely.

This herbal hair conditioner hearkens to the warmth of Sarenrae, imparting warm golden tones to lighter colored hair, and giving amazing natural conditioning properties to darker colored hair. Sarenrae Blonde/Colorless Herbal Hair Color and Conditioner is made entirely from powdered herbs.

Just like before, you can get a 10g sample and a 100g full-sized packet.

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