Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Evenstar & Lothlorien Ficcares for Custom Order!

I'll admit that I've been a little overwhelmed by the positive response to my latest Ficcare projects :)  I quoted a few prices yesterday, and I think I've contacted everyone with a correction, but if not, I hope you see this!

I was able to track down better pricing on some of the Lord of the Rings components while still maintaining the quality I wanted.  Some of the replicas of the Lothrlorien Leaves and the Evenstars are very poor, and I wanted something that would look beautiful and last a long time; something that would be classy and not look like bad costume jewelry :)

So for everyone that has asked, here are the prices: 
Lothlorien Leaf on Silver Ficcare:
  • Large $147
  • Medium $145

Evenstar on Silver Ficcare:

  • Large $160
  • Medium $158

These prices don't include shipping, of course :)  My wait time is a few weeks out, but I'm happy to order clips now for those that are interested!

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