Monday, November 25, 2013

Introducing Sifting Screens for Moondust

Packaging was one of the things I struggled the most with when it came to launching Moondust.  I didn't want to use plastic for the jar body because I  questioned its longevity with all the essential oils in Moondust, cardboard felt like it wouldn't hold up long and I like to encourage reuse, and many of the other options I looked at wouldn't work with the texture of Moondust.

Eventually I settled on 2oz glass spice jars figuring that was my best option, but it still wasn't perfect.  The main problem with it was that it didn't deliver a fine enough shake of Moondust.  After a bit of tinkering, I'm happy to introduce Sifting Screens!

All new Moondust Jars come with sifting screens!

The Moondust 2 oz jar listing on Etsy has been updated to reflect this change.  The price has gone up 50 cents and the screens come pre-installed. 

If you already own a Moondust jar, pick up a sifting screen or two!

Sifting Screens are listed for individual purchase, but if you want an extra-fine sift you can always pick up more than one.  Two seems to be about as fine as you can get without running into problems shaking any out at all. 

What are the advantages?  Check out these pictures comparing how much Moondust comes out with a single shake with and without the sifting screen.

Installing your new Sifting Screen is easy

To install your Sifting Screen, take the lid off your Moondust, gently set the screen atop the mouth of the jar, carefully lower the lid back into place, and tighten.  That's it!

I hope you all enjoy this improvement :)  I think it makes using Moondust a LOT easier, but lets me keep offering it in high-quality glass jars.

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  1. This is great! This will be a great help with the application. Thank you! <3 Indigo Girl