Thursday, September 12, 2013

Featured on the Main Page of Etsy

NightBlooming Fire Genasi Hair Color Featured on the Main Page of Etsy!

Earlier today I checked my Etsy store and all was normal; there was a convo or two to respond to, a few people had favorited a couple items, and there was an item that had sold out that needed relisting.

I checked back a few minutes later to find that my store had been hit by a tsunami of traffic, favorites, followers and sales.  Confused, I refreshed it and found even more.  F5 again and there was MORE.  

Almost daring not to hope, I clicked to the main page of Etsy and there was my Fire Genasi Henna Hair Color, featured first item on the main page!  I've been on Etsy since April of 2007 and this was my first item ever to actually make it to the main page.  

Copper Culture
Items make the main page of Etsy after someone curates them into a Treasury.  You can read a bit more about the entire process here, but here's the treasury that my item was curated into a few days ago:

About an hour later I got this spiffy email from Etsy:

I'm sincerely elated.  Being on the main page makes me feel like a "real" Etsy seller, even though I've been around for years.

Coupon Code
So my sincere and deepest thanks to all my loyal customers and their amazing support.  You all, reading this, are the ones that got me here.  To that end enjoy 15% through Sunday September 15th with the coupon code:


Just enter it in the coupon code box at checkout :)  Thank you so much! <3


  1. Congrats! You absolutely deserve it!

    Now it's time to go shopping! :3
    Thank you for the coupon! :)

  2. Congratulations!!! It's well-earned. :)

    Thank you for the discount!

    <3 Indigo Girl

  3. Congrats! You definitely earned that! :) And thanks for the coupon :)

    Alle the best,