Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Tiny Sparrow

"She Devil- A Pretty Angel of Death" by hariscizmic
 As I was walking in to work today I saw a tiny dull-colored lump off to the side of the sidewalk.  It was a sparrow, frozen and dead in the snow.  

I don't know how long I stood looking down at it, this tiny, stiff feathered body.  How had it died?  Cold?  Starvation?  Old age?  Had it suffered?

There was nowhere to take the body, and the ground is too frozen to bury it... but I did mound a little snow over it.  It seemed wrong to leave it exposed to the wind and the cold.

In many mythologies it is sparrows that carry the souls of the dead to the afterlife, and so I wondered, who carries the souls of the swallows?  In light of that, I made a treasury today in honor of the sparrow.  Perhaps its soul doesn't need to be carried, and it can fly the whole way to the Afterlife all on its own.

'Soul Messenger: Death on a Sparrow's Wings' by NightBlooming

In some mythologies it is the sparrow that carries the souls of the dead to the Afterlife.Enjoy these items, brought to you on sparrow's wings.

A Nesting Sparrow B...

Empty Nest - 8x8 Pr...


Flock of Black Bird...

Caramel Sky flying ...

Journey Bracelet. S...

DeathGlam real phea...

Skeleton Hand Brooc...

Bird Bookplates set...

3 Sparrows Unisex T...

Raven Talon Pendant...

Little Bird Fell --...

the black dove

Raven skull leather...

Tempus Fugit

Swallow Skull Earri...

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  1. That is very thoughtful of you to cover the the little body with snow. It can rest now until spring in a soft white blanket :-)

    BTW, I only heard of the swallow who carries the soul to the afterlife, not the sparrow. Could you tell me which mythologies have the sparrow as the soul bearer?

  2. Thank you :) It felt like the very least I could do for the poor little guy.

    I've heard swallows as well, but I know in some Islamic traditions it's sparrows (as well as other birds, since all dead souls remain in the form of birds).

    So perhaps our sparrow was carried off by a swallow.

  3. This reminds me of the poem by D.H. Lawrence, "Self pity".
    "I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.
    A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
    without ever having felt sorry for itself"
    I would have shed a little tear though :)

  4. I love your treasuries! They inspired me to make one of my own, and it was a lot of fun. :)