Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Autumn Quest Closing Tomorrow & What's in NightBlooming's Stash

The autumn lagoon by =FrozenStarRo on deviantART

Our Errant Knight Quest for the Autumn Veil closes tomorrow, the 22nd, at Midnight!   There's still time to enter to win this lovely set so get your entry in soon.  Right now we have just over 40 Errant Knights who have found the correct answer and have their name in the drawing!

One of the things that amuses me is when I occasionally hear, "Wow, I can't imagine all the sticks you have for yourself!"  I can just imagine what they picture, huge troves of hair sticks, forks, barrettes and pins, perhaps one of everything I've ever made. The reality is quite a bit different than that.

I suffer from a terrible habit of letting to all the pretty things I make, forever promising myself that I can always remake one for myself later.  Later, it seems, rarely happens.  But, on occasion, it does.  Below are a few of the handful of the things that I've made for myself.

Feather Wreath Hair Sticks

These sticks were inspired by feather wreaths, tiny gatherings of feathers into a halo-shape inside someone's pillow.  It was thought that after someone died that if they had attained entrance into heaven that the fathers would ring together.  This pair is built on bird's eye maple Ketylo sticks and the lower orbs are white fossil.  The topmost spheres are pressed shells that look like balls of white feathers, and the dangle is silver pewter, shell and daggers of white pressed glass.

Watch Movement Hair Stick

 Ive been doing watch movement hair sticks for a few years now, but this was the first one.  The tiny watch movement has a unique shape and though you can't see it in this picture I was able to right part of the case on the back so it has a nice smooth finish.  One of my favorite things about this movement is that is has "Gotham" stamped on it.

Dragon's Blood Hair Stick

 There are some things that just come together in such a stunning way that when I'm done all I can do is sit back and stare.  In these cases I feel much less like a creator, but more as a conduit for assembling that was simply intended to be.  This stick is made of snakewood I notched the top to fit in that heavenly fan of Dragon's Blood stone.   There's also a matching necklace and I'll try to add a picture of that in the future.

There's more where this came from, but since there aren't too many more we'll save some for another rainy day.


  1. Thanks for sharing such pretties <3 The feather sticks are soooo angelic :)

  2. I agree, the feather wreath ones are SO pretty! The sticks compliment the topper perfetly. <3